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GEE Bangladesh is a Global Education Explorer and Knowledge Group incorporated in Bangladesh. The word GEE stands for, 'Global Education Explorer' holding a slogan 'Explore your Knowledge, Education, Research and Career'. 

Official inauguration of today's GEE Bangladesh was held on September 1, 2004 with a mission and vision to create internationalization and cultural diversity on education, raising mass consciousness, realizing significance and real value of life. 

This is a training, knowledge based and service oriented compnay in Bangladesh. Over the years of services, GEE Bangladesh has been selected for the BID Gold Category Award from World Quality Commitment held in Paris, France in the year of 2013 and the BIZZ
Considered the world's most important business award, presented by WORLDCOB. 

Inspired by the people, GEE Bangladesh has gradually expanded areas of business and services locally and internationally. 

Few of our existing services are outlined below-  
Online News

Study in Bangladesh option for International students 

Medical Tourism 

IT Service (Training & Support) 

Language Program

Admission in India

FM Radio
Coming soon 

Up gradation is our routine work; therefore many other unique services are going to be included at GEE Bangladesh step by steps.

Our Banking Detail: 

Account Name: GEE Bangladesh
Account No: 1421796778001
Bank Name: City Bank Limited 
Branch: Mouchak Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Swift Code: CIBLBDDH


Account Name: GEE Bangladesh
Account No: 0032100000841
Bank Name: Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd
Branch: Mouchak Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Swift Code: BCBLBDDH

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