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Web Development

27 Feb 2019

Web Development

Course Name Web Development
Price 24,500
Days 2 Days Per Week
Duration 3 Months
Teachers Himel Das

Web Development (Phase I – Know the basics)
Class 1: Goals of Web Design and

Introduction to Web Technologies
Class 2: Introducing HTML5 and Basic Structure,

Elements and Attributes
Class 3: Tags, Text Formatting, Images, Links, File Paths
Class 4: Lists, Tables, Forms
Class 5: Video & Audio Player
Class 6: PSD to HTML - Create your own website (Project-I)

Web Design and Development (Phase II – Become a Pro)
Class 7: Introducing CSS basics and Structure
Class 8: Box-sizing, Borders, Margin & Padding

Height & Width, Max & Min
Class 9: Alignment, Position, Overflow, Float, and inline-Block
Class 10: Pseudo-element, Opacity, Navigation, and Dropdowns
Class 11: Image Gallery and Image Sprites
Class 12: CSS Animation
Class 13: CSS Media Queries
Class 14: Basic Custom Layout, Process & Design
Class 15: Create your own website (Project-II)

Web Design and Development (Phase III – Be Responsive)
Class 16: Introducing Bootstrap
Class 17: Grid System and Forms
Class 18: Buttons and Icon Integration
Class 19: Using CSS in Practical Layout
Class 20: Create your own website (Project-III)

Web Development (Phase IV – Master the Web)
Class 21: Introduction to JavaScript basics
Class 22: Operators in JS
Class 23: Conditions Statements and JS Popup Boxes
Class 24: JavaScript Loops
Class 25: JS Functions and Events
Class 26: Working with JS Arrays and Objects
Class 27: JavaScript in Real-time
Class 28: Introducing jQuery and Syntax
Class 29: Effects and Animations
Class 30: Get, Set, Add, Remove, CSS Class and JQuery Dimensions

Web Design and Development (Phase V – Career Guideline)
Class 31: Build your career as a
Web Developer: Freelancing Guideline
Class 32: Introducing Theme Forest

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