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Graphic Design and Prototyping

27 Feb 2019

Graphic Design and Prototyping

Course Name Graphic Design and Prototyping
Price 18500
Days 2 Days Per Week
Duration 2.5 Months
Teachers Hasibul Haq Prottoy

Design and Prototype Phase-01 (Adobe Ps)
Class 1: Kick Off with the Basics
Class 2: Play with Tools, Layers, and Shapes
Class 3: Introducing the Pen tool
Class 4: Retouching, Effects & Color Studies
Class 5: Typography and Use of Stock Images
Class 6: Create Your First Project

Image Editing, Mockup, and T-shirt Design
Class 7: Web template design
Design and Prototype Phase-02 (Adobe Ai)
Class 1: Get started with the basics
Class 2: Tools and Pathfinder
Class 3: Master the Image Tracing
Class 4: Icon, Logo Concept Realization, and Sketching
Class 5: Some Tips and Tricks
Class 6: 3D Design
Class 7: Create your corporate identity (Part-I)

Brochure (Bi-fold /Tri-fold), Flyer Design, Banner Design
Class 8: Create your corporate identity (Part-II)

Business Card Design, Resume Design, Certificate Design
Class 9: Social Media Design Concept
Class 10: Build your career as a Graphic/Web/UI/UX Designer: Freelance Guideline

Design and Prototype Phase-03 (Adobe Xd + InVision)
Class 1: Experience the Xd Interface
Class 2: UI/UX Design Concepts
Class 3: Create and preview your first prototype
Class 4: InVision Basics

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