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Journey of Gasha Laurette at SRM University

17 Oct 2017

Journey of Gasha Laurette at SRM University

Gasha Laurette from Burundi East Africa, Came to Chennai in June 2016 to pursue masters degree in public health at SRM University. After doing a lot of online research and post discussion and post discussion with a friend who already had passed out from SRM. After doing a lot of online research and post discussion with a friend who already had passed out from SRM, Gasha made her mind to visit the university to see how it would feel to study here.

“When you come for the first time you don’t know anything”. So I went to SRM because I trusted that friend and he was right. I didn’t struggle a lot to find the University as I had heard about it from my friend- I knew about the quality of education the university offers, and what all they do in terms of molding their students into professionals,” shares Gasha.

Gasha had also done a brief research about people, their culture and food habits here in Chennai, so she had come fully prepared to deal with it.  “I cook my own meals as the food here is quite different what I am used to having in my country. Such things change from place to place, so we always have to find a solution,” informs Gasha, who says she is happy she decided to come to Chennai to pursue higher education. “I took a wise decision to bring myself here as I swear the quality education is better here, and we have all kinds of facilities. I can’t find words to express how well the university staff organizes things. “It’s more like a home away from home”, she shares.

Gasha says she doesn’t like the hot climate here, the pollution and the system of open defecation in parts of country. All this I can’t change. Also there are many challenges that I face on a day to day basis- but they are all due to my new lifestyle. Little by little I will get used to them; it is just a question of adaptability and time. But I must say it is a peaceful and beautiful city with many facilities for the citizens like better roads, anytime availability, accessibility and affordability of transport, food and healthcare. Chennai has beautiful beaches and shopping malls where we can hang out with friends. I find it very safe for women”.

Moreover, SRM University announced 35% Scholarship for the prospective candidates from SAARC Countries. Bangladeshi applicants are getting 35% scholarship as the member of SAARC Countries.

We encourage prospective Bangladeshi applicants to visit SRM University Student Information center in Bangladesh located at GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh for better information. Call 01839959879 for further assistance.

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