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Incredible India-A Center of Excellence for Higher Education

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

30 Jun 2017

Incredible India-A Center of Excellence for Higher Education

About India

India has been a major seat of learning for thousands of years. The country was home to both Takshashila-the first university in the world, and to the inventor of the digit 0-Āryabhaṭa. Albert Einstein once said: "we owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made". Today, India is known as a communication hub, and has become popular with international students from all over the world. It is highly attractive due to its forward thinking, its popularity with large multinational companies, and also due to English being the common language of communication.

Why India?

According to Peter Drucker, "India has become a power house very fast, the medical school in New Delhi is now perhaps the best in the world. The technical graduates of Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore are as good as any in the world. Also India has 150 million people for whom English is their main language so India is indeed becoming a knowledge center".

There are approximately 20,000 colleges, 42 central universities, 275 State universities, 130 Deemed Universities and 93 Institutes of National importance in the Indian higher education system. The private sector within Indian higher education is also strong and steadily growing. These institutes offer education at everything from certificate and diploma level to undergraduate and postgraduate education. India has emerged as a premier global manufacturing hub with the foray of a number of Multi-National Corporations such as General Motors, Ford, Suzuki, Hyundai, Coco Cola, etc.Global players such as Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, Amway, Tupperware, Pepsico, McDonald's, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Aviva, Nortel, Nokia among others have benefited from their operations in India and have made expansion plans for the country.

Bangladeshi Students in India

In a survey of economic times it was stated that 5431 students from Bangladesh went to study in India a rise of 670% from 2014.* The current number of Bangladeshi students studying in India is expected to be around 10,000. In a response to queries as to why students from Bangladesh prefer India pointed out the following reasons: Indian education was perceived to be better than that of Bangladesh, timely completion of study since there is no session-jam, failure to get admitted in desired institutions in Bangladesh and education in India was thought to be less costly than that in Bangladesh. Nearly 50% of the students are studying in West Bengal, and others in prominent cities such as Pune, Banglalore, Delhi and in the state  of Uttar Pradesh.**

Facilities like no other countries

Low Cost: The cost of education in India is quite low as compared to many other countries of the world. According to a study by HSBC, India is the cheapest place for an international student to attend an university with the annual expenditure coming to just USD 5,642.***

Quality Education: Indian educational institutions such as the IITs, IISc, IIMs, NITs, AIIMS, ISI, BITS and ISB are well known worldwide to provide quality education and some are among top 200 universities in the world.****

Financial Assistance: Various scholarships, education loans and other financial aids are available for studying in India today. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education facilitates the process of scholarships/fellowships which are offered by the foreign countries under Cultural/Educational Exchange Programs. Most of the scholarships are for Research, Master’s and Doctoral studies.

International Students’ office: Most institutes of higher education throughout India now have international student offices in order to help international students with their move to India.

International students can apply for anything from medical and engineering courses to applied arts courses at most institutions. The government has reserved some seats for foreign students and students from other developing countries through which international students can get admission. The international students can avail the residential permit after registering themselves at the Foreigner's Registration Office (F.R.O) within a period of seven days from their arrival.

Hostel: Almost every university in India has accommodation facilities for all its students. International students can also book their accommodation after being admitted to their desired course or University. Students also have the option of working part time along with their studies. Part time jobs available are the same as in other countries ranging from -cafés and shop work to marketing and promotional activities.

By far it can be said that India is a good choice for higher education for the Bangladeshi students and the previous communications and achievements states it is good destination to study, to learn, to grow and reach the pinnacle of success.

Koushik Kumar Dey
An Alumni of Sharda University, New Delhi, India. 


**Trade, Finance, and Investment in South Asia-edited by T.N.Srinivasana
****http://www.hindustantimes.com/education/iit-delhi-iit-bombay-iisc-among-world-s-top-200-universities-says -report

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