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GEE Bangladesh has launched two online news portals namely GEEBD, Educational Daily and GEE24.News under the license of GEE Media and Online Publications. We are going to launch a FM radio in the name of GEEFM. We have further plan to introduce GEETV.


17 Feb 2019

www.gee24.news a national news portal published from GEE Bangladesh office under GEE Media and Online Publication. Read the portal regularly to find all updated and trustworthy news.

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GEE FM Radio

17 Feb 2019

GEE FM Radio is going to be introduced at GEE Bangladesh under the GEE Media and Online Publication service. Please keep your eyes on the page to find updated news. 

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23 Apr 2019

www.geebd.com is the World's First Educational Daily published from GEE Bangladesh. Read the portal regularly for trustworthy education news, since & technology news, sports, edu crime and...

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