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Spoken English for School Kids

05 Feb 2023

Spoken English for School Kids

Spoken English for School Kids is a new addition to GEE Bangladesh English Language Center. Considering demands from the guardian, we have launched Spoken English for School Kids Course. This course is suitable for students from class two to class 12. English is mandatory at our school level, particularly from class one to class twelve. 

In Bangladesh, school kids learn English from their respective schools. Most students acquire fluency in writing, reading, and listening in school. Due to lacking practice, many of them fail to develop fluency in Spoken English. Although they know English they are afraid of speaking. The spoken English for School Kids course is unique to overcome the inertia or fear of speaking in English. The course has been designed with unique concepts so that the Kids get confidence while speaking in English. 

Based on the speaking capability of a kid we have minimum three months course. However, they may contniue to two years to achieve advanced proficiency. Courses are conducted only on weekly holidays like Friday & Saturday. The monthly course fee is BDT 3000 for each course.

Course Title: Spoken English for School Kids 
Age Limit: Minimum 7 years and Maximum 17 years 
Class Time: 1:30 Hour (per class)
Class Days: Friday & Saturday 
The course begins: Every month
One time admission fee: BDT 1,000
Monthly Tuition Fee: BDT 3000 
Minimum student per class:
Maximum student per class: 10
Morning Shift : 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM (Class II to VIII Level)
Evening Shift: 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM (Class IX to XII Level)

Admission Helpline:

Mr. Goutam Sen 
Ms. Jannatun Naim 
Ms. Tahmina Haider

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