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Digital Marketing

27 Feb 2019

Digital Marketing

Course Name Digital Marketing
Price 14,500
Days 2 Days Per Week
Duration 2 Months
Teachers Hasibul Haq Prottoy

Class 1: Introducing Digital Marketing Brief and Funnel
Class 2: Define Your Business & Target Audience
Class 3: Facebook Page & Group
Class 4: Strategies of Content Marketing
Class 5: Facebook Ads
Class 6: Messenger ads and Facebook pixels
Class 7: Instagram Marketing
Class 8: Create an ad campaign.
Class 9: Email Marketing
Class 10: Magic of Google AdWords (Part-I)
Class 11: Magic of Google AdWords (Part-II)
Class 12: Google Analytics
Class 13: YouTube Marketing (Part-I)
Class 14: YouTube Marketing (Part-II)
Class 15: Create Google Ads and YouTube Ads
Class 16: Grow Your Career as a Digital Marketer: Freelancing Guideline

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