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CCNA Training

27 Feb 2019

CCNA Training

Course Name CCNA Training
Price 19500
Days 2 Days Per Week
Duration 3 Months
Teachers Mohammad Wasim

Network Fundamentals
Class 1: Introduction to Networks
Class 2: The Open Systems

Interconnection Specifications
Class 3: Networking Topologies,

Connectors and Wiring Standards
Class 4: The Current

Ethernet Specifications
Class 5: Exam - I

LAN Switching Technologies
Class 6: Describe and verify switching concepts
Class 7: Introduction to

Internet Protocol (IP)
Class 8: IP Addressing
Class 9: IP Subnetting, Troubleshooting

IP and Introduction to NAT
Class 10: Exam - II

Routing Technologies
Class 11: Introduction to IP Routing
Class 12: Routing Protocols

WAN Technologies
Class 13: Switching and Virtual LANs
Class 14: Wireless Technologies
Class 15: Wide Area Networks
Class 16: Exam – III

Infrastructure Services
Class 17: Networking Devices
Class 18: Network Threats and Mitigation

Infrastructure Security
Class 19: Physical and Hardware
Class 20: Authentication and
Access Control

Infrastructure Management
Class 21: Command-Line Tools
Class 22: Software and

Hardware Tools
Class 23: Network Troubleshooting
Class 24: Management,

Monitoring and Optimization
Class 25: Final Exam

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