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The Ultimate Guide to becoming an Engineer

Shuvro Roy

10 Jun 2018

The Ultimate Guide to becoming an Engineer

Engineering careers can take you to all corners of the world, from high in the sky to deep in the earth. Engineering careers will show you the skills you need to excel, and the sweet cash you’ll be making in return.

You probably know that professional development is important in engineering. But when it comes to figuring out exactly what that means, things become less clear. What books and websites should you be reading? Which courses are helpful. What university would be the best option.

Keeping the rising global and national demands and professional objectives in mind Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering (DACE) has started engineering courses. DACE offers various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as symposia, workshops, conferences, Invited Lectures, Project Competitions and the role of professional societies that are part of the curriculum. The Industrial visits, Internships, MOU’s with reputed organizations added with employability skills training activities with in-house and external professionals help students to leave the institution as successful graduates.

Information Available on: http://www.geebangladesh.com/DACE

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