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Telecommunication Engineering Admission at SRM University

Shanta Chakraborty

22 Nov 2017

Telecommunication Engineering Admission at SRM University

Telecommunication Engineering is the blended method of Electrical and Computer engineering that quests to aid and prolong telecommunication system. We see performing amazement of telecommunication engineering through ordering something over hotline to high tech radar on a Jet.  

A Telecommunication Engineer can design and overlook the fixing telecommunication materials and easiness such as difficult electronic switching process, other general telephone service facilities, Optical fiber cabling, IT networks, Microwave pilotage system, etc. This engineering is also connected with Broadcast Engineering.

SRM University in India offers very good opportunities in terms of both education and career. Kindly put your inquiry here: https://goo.gl/zD5T1i

Educational Specialties:

  • World class research activities in Smart Wireless Applications for Communication Networks (SWAN) utilizing RF and Antenna Application Measurements (RAMS) platform.
  • Global exposure through international student exchange and Research Internships.
  • Communication Skills, Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving and Entrepreneurship capabilities through TELSA, HAM Radio, IEEE COMSOC and International Conferences/events.

Career Opportunity:

  • Build a Career in mobile/wireless communications, networks, information, technology, satellite communications, cable networks and communication device development.
  • More than 75% of the students are placed in reputed IT and telecom companies trough campus recruitment.

This year SRM University is offering 35% economy scholarship for the Bangladesh nationals. This scholarship is limited for some eligible candidates, If anyone wish to apply kindly visit our SRM University Student Information Center.

For admission or any other inquiry prospective Bangladeshi students may contact GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market (3rd Floor), Mouchak Circle, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh. Helpline- 01839959879, 01712571098.

Note: GEE Bangladesh do not charge any consultancy fees or file opening charge from the students. Services from admission to Alumni is free of charge.

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