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SSC and HSC ICT Practice Class

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

30 Oct 2017

SSC and HSC ICT Practice Class

Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination 2018 will be held in February and April 2018. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a common subject for the examinees of all groups like-Science, Humanities and Business Studies. 

To secure Golden GPA 5 in SSC and HSC, it is essential to achieve GPA 5 in ICT also. Achieving GPA 5 in ICT needs more practice. 

GEE IT provides practical learning classes on ICT to SSC and HSC examinees. SSC and HSC candidates may join our Practical ICT classes, trained by ICT expert Mr. Hasibul Haq Prottoy, an IT Graduate from Jahangirnagar University. 

SSC and HSC examinees are wlcome to join a free class on Friday or Saturday, 4 pm at our premises.  For further information, please visit our office or call 01839959876, 01933324241. 

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