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SRM University Chennai | Programs available for 2019-20

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

26 Mar 2019

SRM University Chennai | Programs available for 2019-20

SRM University Chennai, currently known as SRM Institute of Science & Technology is India's premiere and one of the best multidisciplinary university ranked in QS and The Times Higher Education World University rankings. SRM is the best choice of more than 50,000 students throughout the world. If you want to Study in India in the areas of Engineering, Medicine & Health Sciences, Management or Science & Humanities programs from a Certificate to PhD; SRM has something to offer. Select, one out of more than two hundred programs available at SRM. A list of the program is outlined below.  

To apply; please register here- https://goo.gl/zD5T1i

School of Engineering & Technology
B Tech Programs

B Tech Aerospace Engineering
B Tech Automobile with specialization in Automotive Electronics
B Tech Automobile Engineering
B Tech Biotechnology
B Tech Biotechnology with specialization in Regenerative Medicine
B Tech Biotechnology with specialization in Genetic Engineering
B Tech Chemical Engineering
B Tech Civil Engineering
B Tech Computer Science and Engineering
B Tech CSE with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
B Tech CSE with Big Data Analytics
B Tech CSE with specialization in Cloud Computing
B Tech CSE with specialization in Computer Networking
B Tech CSE with specialization in Cyber Security
B Tech CSE with specialization in Internet of Things (IOT)
B Tech CSE with Software Engineering
B Tech CSE with specialization in Information Technology
B Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
B Tech ECE with specialization in Biomedical Engineering
B Tech ECE with specialization in Instrumentation Engineering
B Tech Information Technology
B Tech Mechanical Engineering
B Tech Mechatronics Engineering with specialization in Robotics
B Tech Mechatronics Engineering
B Tech Nanotechnology

Architecture & Design 
Bachelor of  Architecture 
Master of Architectural Design 
Bachelor of Design Interior Design

M Tech Programs
M Tech Automotive Hybrid Systems Engineering
M Tech Big Data Analytics 
M Tech Biomedical Engineering
M Tech Biotechnology
M Tech Chemical Engineering
M Tech Cloud Computing
M Tech Computer Aided Design
M Tech Computer Integrated Manufacturing
M Tech Computer Science and Engineering
M Tech Construction Engineering and Management
M Tech Electronics and Control Engineering
M Tech Embedded System Technology
M Tech Environmental Engineering
M Tech Food and Nutritional Biotechnology
M Tech Food Safety and Quality Management
M Tech Genetic Engineering
M Tech Geotechnical Engineering
M Tech Information Security and Cyber Forensics
M Tech Internet of Things
M Tech Mechatronics Engineering
M Tech Mobile and Pervasive Computing
M Tech Mobile and Pervasive Computing
M Tech Power Electronics and Drives
M Tech Power Systems
M Tech Remote Sensing and Geographical Information system
M Tech Robotics
M Tech Solar Energy
M Tech Structural Engineering
M Tech Telecommunication Networks
M Tech VLSI Design
M Tech Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems

Management Programs
MBA various specializations 
MBA Hospital Management 

Medicine & Health Science Programs
Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP)
Bachelor of Optometry
B Sc Medical Imaging Technology
B Sc Medical Laboratory Technology
B Sc Renal Dialysis Technology
B Sc Clinical Nutrition
B Sc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Technology
B Sc Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology
B Sc Critical Care Technology
B Sc Cardiac Care Technology
B Sc Medical Record Science (BMRS)

M Sc Medical Anatomy
M Sc Medical Biochemistry
M Sc Medical Microbiology
M Sc Medical Physiology
M Sc Medical Sociology
M Sc Biostatistics and Epidemiology
MHA Hospital Administration

Nursing Programs
B Sc Nursing
Post Basic Nursing (PB.Sc)
M Sc Community Health Nursing
M Sc Medical Surgical Nursing
M Sc Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
M Sc Pediatric Nursing
M Sc Psychiatric Nursing
M Sc Health Data Science (Big Data Analytics)

Occupational Therapy Programs
BOT-Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 
MOT Cardio Respiratory Conditions
MOT Hand Rehabilitation
MOT Neurosciences
MOT Orthopedics
MOT Pediatrics
MOT Mental Health

Pharmacy Programs
B Pharm-Bachelor of Pharmacy 
M Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis
M Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M Pharm Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance
M Pharm Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
M Pharm Pharmaceutics
M Pharm Pharmacognosy
M Pharm Pharmacology
M Pharm Pharmacy Practice
Pharm D Doctor of Pharmacy 
Pharm D Doctor of Pharmacy (Post Baccalaureate)

Physiotherapy Programs
BPT Bachelor of Physiotherapy
MPT Biomechanics
MPT Cardiopulmonary Sciences
MPT Community Rehabilitation
MPT Hand Rehabilitation
MPT Neurology
MPT Obstetrics and Gynecology
MPT Orthopedics
MPT Pediatric Physiotherapy
MPT Sports Physiotherapy

Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Programs
BASLP Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
MASLP Audiology and Speech Language and Pathology

Diploma Programs offered in Medicine and Health Sciences
Diploma in Nursing  (Affiliated to INC)
Diploma in Emergency Medical Technology and Trauma Care
Diploma in GI Endoscopy Technology
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma in Medical Record Science
Diploma in Optometry

Post Graduate Diploma Programs offered in Medicine and Health Sciences
PG Diploma in Clinical Research 
PG Diploma in Epidemiology
PG Diploma in Hospital Administration
PG Diploma in Medical Microbial Technology
PG Diploma in Medical Record Science 

Certificate Courses Offered in Medicine and Health Sciences
Certificate in Blood Bank Technology
Certificate in Health Inspector
Certificate in Medical Office Management
Certificate in Ophthalmic Technology

Science and Humanities Programs
BA Journalism and Mass Communication
BA English
BA Music
BA Bharatnatam 
B Ed Education
MA Journalism and Mass Communication
MA English
MA Music
MA Bharatanatyam
M Ed Education 

B Sc Biotechnology
B Sc Chemistry
B Sc Computer Science
B Sc Mathematics
B Sc Physics
B Sc Physical Education
B Sc Visual Communication
B Sc Hotel and Catering Management
B Sc Film Technology
B Sc Fashion Designing
M Sc Biotechnology
M Sc Chemistry
M Sc Information Technology
M Sc Mathematics
M Sc Physics
M Sc Visual Communication
M Sc Quantitative Finance

Commerce Programs
B Com General
B Com Corporate Secretaryship
B Com Information System and Management
B Com Accounting & Finance
B Com International Accounting and Finance (In Association with ACCA, UK)
B Com Professional Accounting (In Association with CIMA, UK)
M Com Commerce 
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Diploma Programs offered in the Faculty of Science and Humanities
Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
Diploma in Film Acting
Diploma in Yoga

M Phil Programs
M Phil Education
M Phil Physical Education 
M Phil Clinical Psychology
M Phil Psychiatric Social Work

PhD in all discipline 

Are you decided to apply one of the programs mentioned above? Fill up the attached registration form  https://goo.gl/zD5T1i . One of our officer will be in touch with you by next 48 working hours. 

Advantage for Bangladeshi Students 
Please visit SRM Regional Information Center in Bangladesh located at GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. Helpline-01712571098, 01839959879, Email your documents to srmubd@gmail.com. Please note, SRM does not work with any other organization or person in Bangladesh.

Want to contact the responsible person at university ? 
Please contact Mr. Suresh Anand Mani, Business Development Manager, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai, India or call +91 9884809353 (Whatsapp). 

Read more information about SRM at-http://geebangladesh.com/srmist

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