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SRM University Career Counseling Seminar in Dhaka on 03 March 2019

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

26 Mar 2019

SRM University Career Counseling Seminar in Dhaka on 03 March 2019

SRM University; currently known as SRM Institute of Science & Technology is going to participate a Career Counseling and Skill Enhancement Seminar at Dhaka on March 3, 2019. GEE Banladesh will organize the seminar under the Globalization, Career Counseling and Skill Enhancement program.

Mr. Suresh Anand Mani, Business Development Manager, SRM Institute of Science & Technology will present the keynote speech at the seminar. Biplob Chandra Chakraborty, Chief Executive Officer of GEE Bangladesh will conduct the seminar to be held at 11 am.  

Education is the biggest and safest investement in life. Return on Investment of education is Knowledge that illuminate skills and career. Mr. Mani will share his SRM experience and root of success at the seminar. He will also explain about teaching methodology, influence of great teachers, equipmental and environmental support of SRM University for creating future doctors, engineers, leaders, entrepreneurs, successful managers, lawyers, journalists, scientists and social workers.

More than two lakhs SRM Alumni is found around the world in various position. 'Study in India will be a life long experience for Bangladeshi students when they will be able to select a better institution like SRM Institute of Science & Technology, located in Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu State. 

SRM Institute of Science & Technology awards scholarship to meritorious Bangladeshi students under the academic year 2019 through GEE Bangladesh. However, admission at SRM is very much competitive like IIT, BUET and University of Dhaka. SRM is a world ranked university by the Times Higher Education survey and QS World University Rankings. 

We invite talented, meritorious and ambitious Bangladeshi student community to join the seminar who deserves world class education in India. 

Registration is mandatory to join the seminar. Click on the link for registration https://goo.gl/zD5T1i 

Click on the link to find the programs available at SRM http://geebangladesh.com/srmist/programs

Further information about SRM is available at  http://geebangladesh.com/srmist

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