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SRM University Across the Globe: Story of Karma Wangchukm

Shanta Chakraborty

14 Oct 2017

SRM University Across the Globe: Story of Karma Wangchukm

As a little boy Karma Wangchukm’s from Bhutan used to hear stories about Chennai from his seniors who came to the city for pursuing higher education, he developed a kind of liking for the city and decided he would one day come here for studies.  “I came here to Chennai in June 2015. I have heard from my seniors that the peoples of Chennai are very friendly, kind and that most of them speak English. They would also talk very highly about the quality of education in Chennai. All those were the reasons why I decided to come here,” he shares.

After completing plus-two, he was fortunate to get a scholarship to study in India. When he researched about the top universities in India, he came to know about SRM Universities in Chennai. After browsing through many courses in Engineering & Medicine, he chose B.Sc Biotechnology because he wants to become a researcher and is interested in Genetics. So I chose Biotechnology as it also includes the study on genes,” says Karma.

He says he is happy about the cultural biodiversity and humble nature of Chennaiites. “People here are friendly. Especially, when I go to shops in the city, people interact with me in a very friendly manner: The taxi and auto drivers are helpful. I haven’t really had a bad experience with any of them. They don’t charge me anything extra just because I am a foreigner.”

But food is a bit of problem for him. I find a bit hard to adjust with the food here,” he admits and adds “I am a vegetarian”. It is very difficult to get pure vegetarian food on campus as well as when I travel to different parts of the city. I guess, there are plenty of options for non -vegetarians here. I am being a bit picky when it comes to food,” he smiles.

Chennai climate is also not that easy on him, but he says that he is determined to stay back until he finishes his course. “Bhutan is a cold place. I’m not used to hot climate. Also in the last two years, I witnessed a flood and cyclone here. But no matter what I am determined to continue here till I complete my graduation. I don’t want to leave behind quality education that I am getting here. After studies I want to go back to Bhutan and work here,” he sums up.

Moreover, SRM University announced 35% Scholarship for the prospective candidates from SAARC Countries. Bangladeshi applicants are getting 35% scholarship as the member of SAARC Countries.

We encourage prospective Bangladeshi applicants to visit SRM University Student Information center in Bangladesh located at GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh for better information. Call 01839959879 for further assistance.

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