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SRM and MIT, US Working Together to Develop Course Curriculum

Shanta Chakraborty

13 Sep 2017

SRM and MIT, US Working Together to Develop Course Curriculum

SRM signs the agreement with MIT, U.S. to license course materials

SRM University, AP - Amaravati is working with MIT, U.S. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the design of its curriculum through the use of MITx courses. Among SRM University, AP - Amaravati’s curriculum that builds on MITx courses are the following to begin with.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programing; Mathematics, Calculus; Introduction to Classical Mechanics; Single Variable Calculus; Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism; Differential Equations; Elements of Structure; Circuits and Electronics and Computation Structures.

The above courses will incorporate the concept of hybrid learning by utilizing both traditional and technologically enabled teaching methods. This will aid students to move from a traditional learning approach to a hybrid learning approach by utilizing educational technology and stimulating students to question and discover more.

To ensure the effective delivery of these courses, annual design camps developed and conducted by MIT, through its Office of Digital Learning. Through these design camps, faculty will learn techniques to blend MITx courses and MIT Open Course Ware (“OCW”) course material with relevant local content into the courses offered by SRM University, AP Amaravati faculty.

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