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Speaking English Practice at GEE Bangladesh

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

03 Nov 2017

Speaking English Practice at GEE Bangladesh

Join a Free Speaking English Practice Class at GEE English (A Training Division of GEE Bangladesh) on Every Saturday at 12:15 pm till 26 November 2017 following lunch. However, one participant is allowed for a single free class. 

Well, you have alphabetical knowledge and memorized almost 1000-2000 vocabulary words and you can write proper sentences to pass the examinations. But when you open your mouth to speak, only few thing comes out!

All the books, schools and colleges assisted you how to pass the exams and how to secure good result. The only lacking is you can speak properly. Don't worry ! Join us, we will develop your Speaking English ability within two months using our special method. 

Follow the changes on you just after two months. This is our assurance. Enroll our Spoken English Course to enhance your English Speaking skills. For further information and enrollment, please visit our office or call 01839959876, 01933324241. 



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