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Sharda University symbolizes Knowledge beyond Boundaries

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

28 Apr 2017

Sharda University symbolizes Knowledge beyond Boundaries

The word 'Sharda' is synonymous to 'Goddess of Knowledge and Learning - Saraswati'. ‘Lotus’ the logo of the university symbolizes the seat of learning that the University is created for.  The petals leading towards a star is an embodiment of the University's cherished mission to provide education beyond boundaries and to facilitate the students and faculty to achieve pinnacles of success throughout the world!

Sharda University as part of Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) began its journey through Hindustan College of Science & Technology (HCST), Farah, Mathura in 1996 as the First Self Financed Engineering College in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India with 160 Students.

Consistently, SGI has launched Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies in 1997, Hindustan Institute of Technology & Management in 1998, Anand Engineering College Technical Campus in 1998, Anand College of Education in 2002, Anand College of Pharmacy in 2006 and then Sharda University in 2009.

A group of educationist having 13 years experience, launched Sharda University in 2009 as a full fledge private university at Greater Noida, Delhi (National Capital Region), India to transform knowledge beyond boundaries.  

Location of the university plays a vital role in multiculturalism and learning. 63 Acres Campus with ultra modern architectural design added new horizon for local as well as international students. Delhi, being the capital of India considered as the safer and secured place with balanced multicultural environment. Other than academic education there are many things to learn from Delhi. There is a big social and psychological difference between studying in Delhi and other cities. Sharda University might be the 1st choice for Ambitious and Talented International students deserving Education in India.

At Sharda University, Education is a Celebration with innovation and research. Practical and Research base education in the areas of Business and Management,  Medicine and Life Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, Basic Sciences and Research, Laws, Humanities, Language and Culture,  Allied Health Sciences, Education, Nursing, Art, Design and Media Studies etc is provided by more than 1200 full time faculties from across the globe.  

Sharda University has more than 90 tie ups with foreign Institutions for student and faculty exchange. More than 1800 corporate have visited Sharda University as of today for campus placement.

Students from more than 56 countries are currently enjoying education at Sharda University as a center for Globalization of Knowledge. It’s your term to know history, mission, vision and exposure of Sharda University visiting the link www.sharda.ac.in .

Sharda University is ready to welcome you; if you are confident, motivated and ambitious to celebrate life through Education and Knowledge.  Moreover, if you are looking for quality education from a Private University; you have to have a moderate budget because quality education is impossible at private universities in lower budget.

Private Higher Education System of Indian Sub Continent was launched in early 1990’s. So, it will not be a wise expectation to see private universities in the World’s Top University Ranking list. It will take time as Oxford University was founded in 1096, Cambridge in 1209, Harvard in 1636 etc. 

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