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Sharda University Conference on Biotech begins Nov 2

Pantha Dey

14 Oct 2017

Sharda University Conference on Biotech begins Nov 2

A National Conference on Recent Advancement in Biotechnology and Bio-Engineering is going to begin at Sharda University Campus on 2 November 2017. 

The whole conference will be arranged by the Department of Biotechnology, School of Engineering & Technology and School of Basic Science & Research.

The Conference will focus on extensive coverage of new development, state of art technologies, potential future trend, review industrial biotechnology and bioengineering practices that facilitate and enhance the transition of processes from lab to plant scale, which is becoming increasingly important.

Biotechnologist, Industrialists and leaders in Pharmaceutical Business, Eminent Scientists, Research Students may participate the conference that will be ended on 3 November 2017. 

The conference will cover invited lectures; Oral and Poster presentations on following sub topics, therefore the members are requested to include their topic of interest from unlimited sub topics.  

However, a foundation course is going to begin at Sharda University from January 2018. International students may apply to study at Sharda University following the foundation course. For admission inquiries, applicant may fill up the registration form clicking on the link.  https://goo.gl/J1KUjc  

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