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Sharda University announces Sharda Marathon 2018

Pantha Dey

06 Feb 2018

Sharda University announces Sharda Marathon 2018

Sharda University is going to organize a marathon race under Sharda Hospital which will start from the lush green campus of Sharda University, nestled in the heart of Greater Noida. This run is going to be the "Run for Health, Happiness, & Unity." It is not about winning only, it is about running for a cause and the cause is Health, Happiness and Unity.

Even Sharda University announced more than 50% merit base scholarship for all Bangladeshi knowledge seekers. Sharda University ensures placement in Bangladesh of almost all the alumni’s from Bangladesh. For admission click on the link  https://goo.gl/J1KUjc 

After the grand success of Sharda-Taj Marathon in the year 2016, Sharda Half Marathon is back to test your passion, strength, and stamina on 18th Feb 2018. Make it even more grandeur this year with more active participation. The 4 race options open for participation are: Half Marathon (21 Kms), Mini Marathon (10 Kms), Green Marathon (5 kms.), and Pink Marathon (3 Kms). All the races will start as well as end up at Sharda University campus only.

Registrations are open for all the serious runners. Don’t disappoint yourself if your intention to run is just fun. A category 'Run4Fun' is available for the people who want to move their feet just for happiness. They can run in any of the racing slots. Moreover, a special race will also be organized for differently-abled people within the campus of Sharda University.

The attractive cash prizes will be given to the winners, first runner-ups, and second runner-ups of all the races. A meal bag consisting of nutritious eatables to keep your body fuelled, a cool t-shirt to revamp your athletic look, and a peppy cap to compliment your runner’s image- these are the freebies you are going to enjoy being a Sharda Half Marathon participant. Also, we are concerned about your health more than you and all the medical assistance will be available throughout your run.

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