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Pharm D at Chitkara University

Shuvro Roy

09 Oct 2018

Pharm D at Chitkara University

Pharm. D. qualification, as prevalent in US, UK, Canada and other European and developed countries, entitles the pharmacists for prescribing medicines and the doctor’s role is focused mainly on diagnosis.

Also, with a Pharm. D, a person can register as pharmacist all over the world and can practice as Hospital and Clinical Community pharmacist anywhere and also as Clinical scientific expert, Clinical research associate and Associate in pharmacovigilance program.
All the jobs related to Hospital or Clinical Pharmacy etc in European or American and other countries are highly paid due to the authority to the Pharmacist to take up the prescription and clinical monitoring of admitted patients where the physicians focus on diagnosis and operative care and medical prescription is supervised by Pharmacists.
The Pharm. D degree requires five years of classroom and hospital based didactic study. It is followed by one year of internship training in a hospital setting for Clinical Management of In patients, in addition to ongoing practical’s and research project. Pharm. D. students and graduates are actively participating in direct patient care in hospitals.

Register: https://goo.gl/forms/DHslAf4sbh5Jfl7T2
Detail Information Available: http://www.geebangladesh.com/ChitkaraUniversity

Interested student can Contact:
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