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Peruse Engineering with Highest Scholarship in SRM

Shanta Chakraborty

24 May 2018

Peruse Engineering with Highest Scholarship in SRM

SRM University, Chennai develops inter-disciplinary programs and flexibility in course curriculum, SRM University took to the next level the manner the programs are offered, and the curriculum is designed.

A student will be awarded a Degree in a Major if he / she earns a minimum of 180 credits and satisfies all requirements for the award of the degree as per the University regulations. The student can choose courses from the list of departmental electives and open electives offered in a campus for the specific Major, to complete the 180 credit requirement. Click on the link to register your interest:  https://goo.gl/zD5T1i

This opportunity is ideal for students who took a Major out of necessity but would still like to pursue their passion in another discipline or to enrich/equip them for a specific profession where greater job opportunities exist. Another advantage of opting for a Major with a Minor is to earn standing credits for pursuing a Master’s degree abroad or within India too.

Only students, who satisfy a set of minimum eligibility criteria set forth by the university and meet certain pre-requisites, will be permitted to opt for a Minor. on that case a student can earn 192 to 200 credits (Major worth 180 credits + Minor 12 to 20 credits)

Apart from this opportunity SRM University’s both campuses are providing ample scholarship for Bangladesh nationals.

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai: Offers 35% SAARC scholarship for all the admission eligible candidates and merit based upto 50% scholarship.

SRM University, AP-Amaravati: Offers 70% scholarship for all the eligible candidates. (Depends on course availability).

For details information kindly visit SRM University’s Bangladesh Admission Office. This office doesn’t take any file opening charge or anything extra charge. Every necessary facility will be provided free of cost from admission to VISA.

Address: GEE Bangladesh. 238/1, Outer Circular Road, Mouchak Circle, Maruf Market (3rd floor), Dhaka-1217
Helpline; 01839959879

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