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Learn English Spread Wings

Debashis Bhattacharjee

22 Apr 2018

Learn English Spread Wings

We know that a bird can’t fly in the sky without its wings. A bird can across any boarder with the help of its wings. But in term of human being it’s impossible. Because none of us born with a wing by which we can across any boarder without any doorway. But now a days a person can make his/her wing by enlarging the knowledge of language.

A language can work as the alternate of wings. Because language is the way of communication and for higher studies, for job as well we need to learn language. Now comes a question how much language should we learn? There are around 7099 living languages in the world including Indo-European and Asian languages (Source: The Intrepid Guide). SO its almost impossible for a human being to carry such a huge basket of language. But it will be easier for everyone to learn one language that is the international language English. By which we can communicate everywhere in the world officially.

Now a days learning English becomes essential for anyone who wants go abroad for higher studies or for job purpose. To make a you a fluent speaker and to deliberate the authentic and sound knowledge in English, GEE Bangladesh arranges several language training like Spoken English, Basic English and IELTS.

So join our class and see the difference.

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