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January 2018 Intake admission at Sharda University

Pantha Dey

12 Nov 2017

January 2018 Intake admission at Sharda University

Sharda University invites admission application from International applicants against Foundation Course begins from January 2018 with 'Zero' Tuition Fees. This is a preparatory course for the freshers seeking entry into a main course offered at Sharda University. Admission seekers will receive two acceptance letters from the university at the same time. We encourage International Students from non English speaking countries to join the foundation course. 

Registration opportunity is available on the link-https://goo.gl/J1KUjc

About Sharda University

  • Located at Greater Noida, New Delhi-NCR. Adjacent to India's Capital City. 
  • 63 Acres Campus with latest Architectural Design
  • 180+ Course offered
  • International students from 56+ countries on the campus 
  • 21,000+ students on campus
  • 1200+ Indian and International Faculties
  • Semester exchange or credit transfer facilities with 100+ Foreign Universities
  • Job opportunity with 1800+ Indian and Multinational Companies
  • 34,500+ students got placement so far 
  • 43,000+ Alumni Network across the globe
  • 15 Kilometers from Delhi Botanical Garden 
  • Upgraded and Ultramodern lifestyle, etc 

Up to 60% Merit Base Scholarship is available at Sharda University for the students from the SAARC Countries. However, entry scholarship is limited to the 1st year only. Up to 80% Merit Base Scholarship is available from the 2nd year onward. We encourage scholars to continue their scholastic performance to enhance more scholarship facilities.  

Admission Process

Admission seekers from Bangladesh may contact GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh for on spot information. GEE Bangladesh is dedicated to serve prospective applicants from counseling, admission, registration, visa assistance, pre-departure counseling and any other assistance while studying at Sharda University. Avail free services from GEE Bangladesh. Helpline-01839959878, 01712571098

Further information is available at-http://global.sharda.ac.in/
Click on the link to find all information at a glance-http://www.geebangladesh.com/ShardaUniversity

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