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GEE Bangladesh again selected for BID award, Geneva

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

24 Aug 2017

GEE Bangladesh again selected for BID award, Geneva

We are pleased to inform that GEE Bangladesh Online Education a concern of GEE Bangladesh has been selected to receive the International Star for Quality in the Gold Category at the International BID Quality Convention that will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 23rd and 24th. 

The decision to present this award is the result of the research and analysis carried out by Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in Quality, directed by Business Initiative Directions (BID), to recognize the contribution of GEE Bangladesh Online Education in terms of leadership, quality, innovation and excellence.

The ISAQ Selection Committee bases its decisions on the criteria of the QC100 Model of Total Quality Management. This model, in conjunction with the BID Quality Mix technology, will strengthen the position of leadership and will help improve the growth and visibility of your organization.

BID Group One is a leading private organization for recognizing and fostering quality culture, innovation, and excellence. Through its BID Program, organizations and companies are given the opportunity to learn and grow, helping to strengthen the global economy.

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