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Galgotias University delegate visits Bangladesh

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

22 Jan 2018

Galgotias University delegate visits Bangladesh

A delegate from Galgotias University, Delhi NCR, Greater Noida, India recently visits Bangladesh. 

Mr. Ajetak Singh, Chief of of International Relations, Galgotias University will remain in Bangladesh till January 24, 2018. 

He atteneded a dinner party arranged by Indian Educaiton Promoters in Bangladesh on January 21, 2018 at Golden Chimney Restaurant, Sonartori Tower, Bangla Motor, Dhaka. 

While addressing the dinner party Mr. Singh said "Galgotias University is one of the leading and renowned private universities in the Northern Part of India. International admission at Galgotias University is not a commercial approach. To enhance cultural diversity in the campus Galgotias University initiated to invite admission application from Bangladesh nationals with up to 50% merit base scholarship, he added". 

Prospective Bangladesh nationals may apply through recoginzed education promoters in Bangladesh or university website from Diploma to PhD programs. 

Detail application procedure is available at http://www.galgotiasuniversity.edu.in/

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