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From Classroom to Career

Shuvro Roy

25 Jun 2018

From Classroom to Career

Chitkara University in Punjab has been founded by Dr. Ashok Chitkara and Dr. Madhu Chitkara who have been passionate teachers for more than 40 years. Chitkara University has been different with its quality of teaching. It can be define clearly with its academic strengths and their outlook on teaching and learning. That is why, faculty and students of Chitkara University is quite different than others university.

Within a decade, most of their academic programs are ranked in top 50 programs in the country. The unique difference being that Chitkara University has been established by and managed by passionate academicians with the sole mission of making each and every student “industry-ready".

Chitkara University offers industry based education, which helps a student to get a good job in their own field. So it is golden opportunity for the career focused students.

Information Available on: http://www.geebangladesh.com/ChitkaraUniversity

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