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Engineering | Education 2 Career

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

22 Aug 2018

Engineering | Education 2 Career

Engineering is a dream education and career for many creative and innovative minds. Engineers are the creator of modern world and civilization. They are respected throughout the world for their contribution.

Engineering is a professional education like MBBS, BDS, Law and many others. A Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Engineering or B Sc Engineering degree is recognized and accredited throughout the world as a professional award. An Engineering degree is directly linked to profession. That is why it is known as a professional degree.

Types of Engineering
In my opinion, Engineering are of two types; Life Engineering and Material Engineering. A branch of engineering deals with life is recognized as life or bio-engineering. On the other hand, a branch of engineering deals with material is recognized as Material Engineering.

Preparation to study Engineering
Every learner must have a goal in life. Academic education is the 1st and systematic stage of reaching the goal. For an example, a learner want to study Engineering in bachelor level; he/she should have Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in 12th or equivalent grade of education.

Now if he/she wants to study Life or Bio-engineering is it essential to have Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) in 12th grade.

To study Material Engineering; it is mandatory to have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) in 12th grade.

Goal must be realistic based on a learner's previous ground of education. 12th grade result is again a fact for Engineering education.

Progression of education
While studying engineering, please prepare a career plan. If you want to be an engineering; a bachelor of engineering degree is enough. To enhance career opportunity as an engineer I recommend learners for an MBA qualification. Learners, wish to be a teacher or researcher is recommended for M Tech, M Engg, M Sc Engg and PhD degree.

Career is the reflection of knowledge and learning. If your learning is fulfilled many career awaits you. Learning and knowledge itself is a career. Be confident while learning. Keep trust on you for better career and life.

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