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Civil Engineering admission at Sharda University

Kaushik Kumar Dey

18 Jun 2017

Civil Engineering admission at Sharda University

Perspective of Civil Engineering at Sharda University

Civil Engineering is all about helping civilian and shaping the world environmental friendly. Ultra-modern human made shape of the globe is the contribution of Civil Engineers. Easier and luxurious access of life is also the contribution of Civil Engineers. Civil Engineers are dedicated for the development of the globe as a whole. Civil Engineers also contribute on safer and happier life through logistic support. Study Civil Engineering means taking oath for the development of the earth.

I am lucky to have an opportunity to study B Tech Civil Engineering at Sharda University, where real potential of students are unlocked by the experienced faculty members. Civil Engineering is one of the most preferred subjects by the local as well as international students from around 56+ countries.

Every year, around 400 students across the globe take admission in Civil Engineering and it is one of the largest departments in the School of Engineering and Technology at Sharda University. The first year starts in the month of August every year with the fresher’s being welcomed by the school with a grand orientation program. The newly matriculated students are taken for a tour of the department and the laboratories which have all the latest technologies and facilities required to build up and nurture the civil engineer within the scholar. And in the month of September, the University organizes a glamorous outdoor event comprising of performances and competitions of dance, drama, music fashion and many more to welcome the fresher’s of the university.

Classes are taken by highly qualified faculties having foreign degrees and over 30 years of teaching experience, who teach the students with great enthusiasm and encouragement. There are Bachelors, Masters and PhD level course of Civil Engineering in Sharda University.

Alongside curriculum, to build up the knowledge, ethics and the different skills, workshops, seminars and industrial visits are organized and conducted by industry experts in the university. These help in gaining professional experience and knowledge about industry skills and work environment. Foreign tours to the different countries have been organized to give the students a feel of the creation of civil engineers and set their dream structures to be built.

The activities are organized by the Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CESSU) which is managed by the students. An annual civil engineering fest is organized with an array of diverse competitions designed only for the civil department where students can apply their knowledge of make structures and win prizes. Participating in these extracurricular activities helps in developing organizational skills and leadership skills alongside the curriculum. The weekly newsletter of this society publishes research articles and creative writing of the students.

An alumni meet of past graduates is organized in the month of February for an interaction with the continuing students where they learn from the seniors about their experience after completion of the degree and their future planning. At the end of 4 years, after the successful completion of course, the journey ends with farewell and placement of some of the graduates in the corporate world and others applying abroad to pursue higher education. Civil Engineering in Sharda University is a worthy course of choice for inspired future Civil Engineers.

Note: Kaushik Kumar Dey is a graduate from the Department of Civil Engineering at Sharda University and enrolled for M Tech Civil Engineering under the academic session 2017-18. 

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