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Boarding School admission in India

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

22 Apr 2018

Boarding School admission in India

Indian International Boarding Schools are familiar among the Asian nations since long. Among other, students from Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Golf countries are studying at Indian International Boarding Schools.

Sree Vidyanikethan International School (SVIS) located at Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India is one of the good schools for international borders. SVIS offer admission from class IV to XII grader under CBSE and IGCSE.

Comparing other boarding schools in India, annual cost is less and bearable for parents. SVIS might be a preferred destination for parents from Bangladesh to educate their wards from class four to twelve under CBSE and IGCSE. For admission at SVIS guardian may contact GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. Helpline 01712571098.

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