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AIMS remains no 1 Business Schools in Karnataka, India

Biplob Chandra Chakraborty

21 Oct 2017

AIMS remains no 1 Business Schools in Karnataka, India

A recent survey of Business Today, among 277 Business Schools across India, Bangalore based AIMS School of Business ranked 41 in overall India. 

A total of 27 Karnataka based Business Schools placed in the list where AIMS ranked the 1st position. Of the Learning Experiences Parameter, AIMS stands first in Karnataka and secured 15th position among India's top 100 Business Schools. 

AIMS also finds place in the top 100 schools in Living Experiences ranking. Among the best Best Business Schools in top 100 placement institutes in India AIMS at 40 and the first in Karnataka State. Under top 100 Future Orientation ranking  AIMS secured 28. Under Metro Ranking AIMS gets first rank in Bangalore. 

AIMS Institutes, Bangalore offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses to local and foreign students across the world in the ares of MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA, B Com, M Com, Hotel Management, Master of Travel and Tourism Management, Master of Social Work, MA English, M Sc Mathematics under Bangalore University. 

Admission at AIMS Institutes is very competitive and we encourage International students to apply well in advance. To apply please fill up the registration form clicking on the link below- 

Registration- https://goo.gl/KB88NB 

Further information is available at https://theaims.ac.in/ 



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