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Adamas University Courses, Tuition Fees and Scholarship 2019

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02 Jun 2019

Adamas University Courses, Tuition Fees and Scholarship 2019

Adamas University is the largest private university in the West Bengal and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), India. More than 110 courses are available at Adamas University for Indian and International students. When you plan to study abroad for the diversity of knowledge, career and better life, choosing the best institution is a big challenge. Thousands of successful professional was created by the RICE Group across India and the World. Adamas University is the result of professional thinking and planning for upcoming professionals and leaders. Find Adamas University courses, tuition fees and scholarship 2019 from the table below.  

Courses Duration 1st-semester
fees in INR
2nd Sem
onward fees in INR
Total fee in INR
B Tech Courses at Adamas School of Engineering & Technology
B Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
B Tech Electrical Engineering
B Tech Mechanical Engineering
B Tech Civil Engineering
B Tech Biotechnology
4 years  1,60,620   73,150   6,72,670
B Tech Computer Science and Engineering  4 years  1,73,770   80,150  7,34,820
M Tech Courses at Adamas School of Engineering & Technology
M Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
M Tech in Electrical Engineering
M Tech in Mechanical Engineering
M Tech in Civil Engineering
M.Tech in Structural Engineering
M.Tech in Environmental Engineering
2 years  1,32,375  73,875   3,54,000
Computer Applications 
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)  3 years  99,350  44,000  3,19,350
Master of Computer Applications (MCA)  3 years   93,190  40,150  2,93,940
B Sc (Hons) Courses at Adamas School of Science
B Sc (Hons) in Physics 
B Sc (Hons) Chemistry
B Sc (Hons) in Mathematics
B Sc (Hons) in Environmental Science
B Sc (Hons) in Geography
 3 years   99030 43800  3,18,030
B Sc (Hons) in Microbiology
B Sc (Hons) in Biotechnology
 3 years 1,22,230 58,300 4,13,730
M Sc Courses at Adamas School of Science
M.Sc (Pure Physics)
M.Sc. (Tech.) - Applied Electronics and Biomedical Instrumentation
Integrated M.Sc in Physics
M.Sc in Chemistry
M.Sc (Tech) in Applied Chemistry and Material science
Integrated M.Sc in Chemistry
M. Sc in Mathematics
M.Sc (Tech) in Statistics and Data Science
Integrated course in Mathematics and Computing
M. Sc. Environmental Science
M. Sc. in Geography
M. Sc in Geography and Geoinformatics
 2 years  1,10,570  58,300  2,85,470
BA (Hons) Courses at Adamas School of Social Sciences
BA in Bengali Language & Literature
BA (Hons) in English
BA in History
BA in Sociology
B.A/BSc.(Hons) in Psychology
BA in Public Administration
BA in International Relations
BA in Journalism & Mass Communication
 3 years 90,330 41,800 2,99,330
MA Courses at Adamas School of Social Sciences
MA in Bengali Language & Literature
M.A in English
M.A in History
M.A in Sociology
M.A/MSc.in Psychology
M.A in Public Administration
M.A in International Relations
M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication
 2 years  81,970 41,800 2,07,370
Law Courses at Adamas School of Law & Justice
BBA-LLB (Hons)
BA-LLB (Hons)
BSc-LLB (Hons)
 5 years 1,73,050 74,800 8,46,250
LLM   2 years 1,19,770 68,800 3,26,170
Courses at Adamas School of Economics & Commerce
BA (Hons) in Economics  3 years 90,330 41,800 2,99,330
B Sc (Hons) in Economics  3 years 99,030 43,800 3,18,030
B. Com. (Hons)  3 years 90,330 41,800 2,99,330
MA in Economics
MA in Public Policy
 2 years 81,970 41,800  2,07,370
M Sc in Economics
MSc in Quantitative Finance
2 years 1,10,570 58,300 2,85,470
M. Com. (Financial Analysis)  2 years 81,970 41,800 2,07,370
Courses at Adamas School of Management 
BBA   3 years 1,25,530 63800 4,44,530
MBA  2 years 1,84,380 114950 5,29,230
Courses at Adamas School of Life Science & Biotechnology
BSc (Hons) in Microbiology
B.Sc (Hons) in Bio-Chemistry
B.Sc (Hons) in Botany
B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology 
 3 years 1,22,230 58,300 4,13,730
M.Sc in Microbiology
Integrated M.Sc in Microbiology
M.Sc in Bio-Chemistry
Integrated M.Sc in Bio-Chemistry
M.Sc in Botany
Integrated M.Sc in Botany
M. Sc. in Biotechnology
  2 years 1,10,570 58,300 2,85,470
 Courses at Adamas School of Pharmaceutical Technology
B Pharm 4 years 1,63,040 77,550 7,05,890
D Pharm 2 years 74,970 36,800 1,85,370
Courses at Adamas School of Education 
Bachelor of Education (BEd) 2 years 73,920 36050 1,82,070
Diploma in Elementary Education (DElEd) 2 years 52,920 21050 1,16,070
M Phil         
M Phil in Bangla 
M Phil in English
 2 years 87,020 45,800 2,24,420
Ph.D. Lab Based  3 years 1,21,955 52,800 3,85,955
Ph.D. Non-Lab Based  3 years 75,700 33,000 2,40,700

Scholarship Facility
Adamas University award maximum 25% Scholarship on tuition fees to the meritorious students. Scholarship criteria is shown below.  

Course Marks in the qualifying exam  Scholarship amount
Any 90% and above   25%
Any 80% to below 90%   20%
Any 60% to below 80%   15%

Admission Process
Fill up the registration form clicking on the link- https://goo.gl/forms/VtBVI2SLrL9HlBTt2 
Scan your academic transcripts, copy of passport and one  recent color photograph 
Send the documents to adamasubd@gmail.com 
Upon verification and checking the selection criteria, we will issue a provisional admission letter to the eligible candidates
Pay required pre-registration fees to receive the final acceptance letter on which you can apply for a visa. 

For any assistance, please visit our authorized office in Bangladesh. 
GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak Market Circle, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. Call: 01839959875 or 01712571098. Visit http://geebangladesh.com/adamasuniversity 

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