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Achieve Physiotherapy Degree from SRM

Shanta Chakraborty

01 Apr 2018

Achieve Physiotherapy Degree from SRM

The ability to move is as vital as life. No one knows this better than those specially trained by the SRM College of Physiotherapy under SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.

The College of Physiotherapy has an experienced faculty team that specializes in orthopedics, sports physiotherapy, neurology, pediatric neurology, biomechanics, cardiorespiratory, hand rehabilitation, community rehabilitation, and obstetrics and gynecology. Click here to drop your admission interest: https://goo.gl/zD5T1i

Students will find clinical training an invaluable supplement to the theoretical sessions. At present, the college gives its students training through: SRM Medical College Hospital, SRM Physiotherapy Outpatient Department, The Banyan, Tie-ups with other hospitals like Kilpauk Medical College Hospital and Stanley Hospital, Guild of Service - home for the physically handicapped.

SRM is offering 50% merit base scholarship for Bangladesh nationals under the academic session 2018-19. o avail the scholarship, interested candidates are requested to visit SRM University Student Information Center in Bangladesh located at- GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. Email:srmubd@gmail.com, Helpline: 01839959879

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