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17 Jan 2016

Education India seminar on 16 January 2016

A seminar title ' Education in India 2016' will be held at GEE Bangladesh on 16 January 2016. Interested students and guardians may join the seminar to know detail of Education in India.

Speakers will explain about the benifit of Indian education, career prospects in Bangladesh and abroad, opportunities of further education and research, how to apply, when to apply, estimated study costs in India, estimated living costs in India, how to apply in best Indian Universities, how to get an Indian study or research visa etc. 

After the seminar there will be a one to one question and answer session. Duration of the seminar is two hours. 

Title Education in India 2016
Venue GEE Bangladesh
Address Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh
Time 2 pm
Date 16 January 2016

The seminar is open to all. Interested candidates may call the numbers 01930295929, 01712571098 to know further detail. 

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