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Academic English

17 Feb 2019

Academic English

English is mandatory and common academic subject in Bangladesh from the pre-primary to higher secondary level. Academic English courses at GEE Bangladesh positively creates a strong foundation on learners English capability. Learning English at an early age may overcome many challenges before us.

Therefore, it should be emphasized on learning English since childhood. Proper technique should be adopted to strengthen the foundation of English.

The way of teaching English at our schools, colleges are just to pass the examination, not to learn better English. These students face various problems for higher education. Conscious parents, who want their children to be fluent in English, may think about Academic English Courses at GEE Bangladesh.

Our teaching method is not only for securing good results in the examination but students will be able to learn contemporary English. If you know proper English, good results will automatically come in the exam.

We have a special scholarship scheme for financially weak or meritorious students. Our special scholarship scheme is applicable to a group of students from the same class and schools or colleges.

After completing our Academic English Course, any student will perform better in the examination as well as practical life.


  • AC and well-maintained classroom
  • Morning and Afternoon Shift
  • Multimedia classroom
  • Experienced and friendly teachers

Course Coordinator
Mr. Robiul Islam-01839959876

Corporate Offer:
We have a corporate offer for a group of learners from schools and colleges across the country. Under the corporate offer, our trainer will train the learners at any schools and colleges in Bangladesh.

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